Create a Customer Registration Website for PMP Bootcamp taught by Professor Kanabar.


The scope of this project is to construct a WEB portal that will enable customers of Kanabar to register over the Internet. There is no current system for registration. Customers send email which is very tedious and also some requests get lost in junk mail. The portal will be run as a real-time portal and Kanabar will have access to registered students data. The portal will be linked to a back end database that will provide query capability.

The website is yourteamname.PMPfundmentals.com

Product backlog:

  1. Form to Enter PMP Bootcamp registrants.
  2. Screen to View Registered Students (password protected).
  3. Documentation – PM templates and Agile including research summary.
  4. Allow students to register for either PMP Bootcamp or Agile Bootcamp.
  5. Create a password protected page that downloads data for mailchimp integration
  6. PayPal payment for customers with no proof.

See Recordings – http://bu.adobeconnect.com/p775u0tsxtf/


Day One- Initiating


Early Cost estimation (focus only on early).

Homework: Day 1 – For any project from your experience classify stakeholders into high medium low. Benchmark their current attitude towards your project, and calibrate the desired engagement. See slides. Stakeholder Management  (only for students who did not attend class).

Day Two – Planning Phase

We complete more templates and start building the website.

1) Introduction

2) Advanced Cost Management: ProjectCostManagementwithTCPI.

3) Agile Handout- Day 2

Class Discussions- What can you do to influence a stakeholder? What if a project manager has no power? What is TCPI?  What is it’s significance? When does earned value data become meaningful?

Homework – Read the Agile Slides and integrate them into your life cycle.

Day Three – Execution Phase

We build websites and complete more Planning templates
- PM Processes (shows the 42 steps of PMBOK!)


- Risk and Communication Slides - Consult the chapters 21 and 22 and chapter 8 (planning) of K and W book.

- Final Exam Resource: Advanced Project Management workbook- Washington Transport Advanced PM resource

Sample PMP Exam Questions PDF-Prepcast

Template for Presentation

Day Four – Monitor & Control and Closing

Quality Management


Exam – Last Hour


  • PMBOK cheat sheet.
  • PMBOK Grid
  • Final Exam Resource: Advanced Project Management workbook- Washington Transport Advanced PM resource
  • All slides
  • Exam questions from Day 3
  • Exam Format:
    • Essay Question:
    • Understand scoring matrix to select projects or agile features.
    • Stakeholder Management
    • Multiple Choice
    • PM questions and Agile Life Cycle & scrum

Project Due date – 7 days after presentation. Documentation of Templates + Software. 

We complete the website enhancements.  You have seven more days to enhance it and to exceed expectations.

The product owner wants to integrate newsletter. (we will use mail chimp!)!